Recently I got a PS Vita to play vidya games on, and I'd like to share my thoughts about it here.

I spent a total of $151.09 for my PS Vita, and that is a pretty high price for one of these, but I don't regret buying the one I bought because it is in basically mint condition, and functions perfectly. Scratches on screens bug me way more than they should! The screen looks great and the console looks great. Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that it wasn't a bad financial decision, idk :P

The number of games that appeal to me on this console is... surprising! I've never watched anime before and intentionally probably never will (I do want to get a life, you know!) but Danganronpa on the Vita is actually quite fun, aside from some parts in it that I don't wanna talk about... All jokes aside, I'm a couple hours in it and the story is a bit slow, but captivating! The Walking Dead Season 1 is also very interesting and I'm almost done with that game and am hooked on it.

Here's a short video of what my Vita looks like, with my abnormally small hands.

maybe i should do less vidya game and do more werk, hmm....